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David Emery

The Cannibal Cafe

By December 5, 2003

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Sherrie S. writes:

A friend of mine said that this morning on "Good Morning America" they were talking about an Internet ad — something about advertising for volunteers for a cannibal restaurant? Someone answered and volunteered, his legs were cut off and served. They said it wasn't murder because the guy had volunteered. Do you know anything about this?
Evidently Sherrie's friend glimpsed news coverage of the trial of confessed German cannibal Armin Meiwes, who admits to killing and eating a man he met on the Internet in March 2001.

The "cannibal restaurant" she speaks of isn't a literal place, but rather a now-defunct Internet forum — one of several regularly cruised by real people-eaters, according to Meiwes — called "The Cannibal Cafe" (caution: offensive material contained therein). Using the screen name "Franky," Meiwes posted messages there and elsewhere offering to butcher and eat willing young men. The "volunteer" who took him up on it lost more than his legs, unfortunately.


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