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David Emery

'Black Album' Satanic Suicides

By October 6, 2008

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Query from a reader in the UL Forum:
I am looking for any information anyone has on an urban legend called THE BLACK ALBUM. According to the story I heard, a rock band named MATHALUH formed in the Arrowhead mountains made a bootleg album in the 1970s. Supposedly, they were devil worshippers and the record was spiked with backwards Satanic lyrics. As the legend goes, a teenager who listened to the record backwards killed two other teens, then took his own life. Later, members of the band died under mysterious circumstances.

Can anyone verify any of this for me? Does anyone know any of the families of the band members (I don't have names)?
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October 6, 2008 at 6:04 pm
(1) Ammy says:

Sounds abit strange I know but I wouldnt put it past the truth that it happened…..

October 7, 2008 at 8:15 am
(2) kjb says:

sounds like a combination of actual crimes that have been blamed on music influence, and the fact that some people have this belief that lyrics can be recorded onto an album backwards- this is not true. As long as the album can be listened to regular, than any words you would hear when it is played backwards are completely coincidental. You have to remember that bands such as Black Sabbath and even The Beatles have been falsely blamed for adding “backwards messages” onto albums, which is completely ridiculous. Also, in the early 90′s, the heavy metal band Judas Priest was sued for allegedly adding “subliminal messages” onto their album, “Stained Class”. It was believed that 2 teenagers entered into a suicide pact after listening to the album over and over. One of them died,and the other was seriously injured. After spending months in court, the charges were thrown out- no messages could be found on the master recordings anywhere. If the details of your case actually happened, there would probably be some concrete reporting of it somewhere.

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