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David Emery

Thanksgiving, De-Mythologized

By November 21, 2012

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They dressed in earth-tones, not black and white. They didn't wear buckles on their shoes. The "first Thanksgiving" in 1621 — actually a three-day harvest festival held sometime between September 21 and November 11 — was the only one they ever celebrated. Wild turkey, venison, and stewed pumpkin were probably on the menu, but there was no ham, no mashed potatoes, no corn on the cob, or cranberry sauce to be had. And they never, ever called themselves "Pilgrims."  Read more...

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November 23, 2012 at 11:59 am
(1) James H. H. Lampert says:

Well, of course, they “dressed in earth tones” “never called themselves ‘pilgrims’,” and so forth.

Anybody who’s ever visited Plimoth Plantation, and *actually paid attention*, knows that.

If people would start spending their vacations seeking intellectual stimulation, instead of lying about on some beach, like so many stranded cetaceans, and reading “Smithsonian” instead of, say, “Modern Sperm,” then maybe more people would know these things.

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