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'Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped on Deserted Island' Story Is Bogus


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Via Facebook:

From our old frenemies at News-Hound.org, who pranked the Internet last January with a scoop about a planetary alignment supposedly counteracting earth's gravity and making everyone weightless for five minutes, comes the gripping tale of Gemma Sheridan, a British woman shipwrecked and stranded for seven years on a desert island until some random person spotted her SOS sign on Google Earth and notified authorities.

We want to believe, we need to believe, but alas, we cannot. No one other than News-Hound.org has published the story. We've found nothing in any legitimate source to substantiate it.

As for the "Google Earth image" supposedly showing Gemma Sheridan's SOS sign on the beach, the folks at Waffles At Noon have determined it's actually a satellite photo of an embattled neighborhood in Osh, Kyrgyzstan dating from 2010.

It appears many of the details in the fictional story were taken from adventurer Ed Stafford's real-life account of spending 60 days alone on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.

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