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David Emery

David Emery

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David Emery is a freelance writer and avid chronicler of folklore and popular culture, with a special interest in the quick-fire folklife of the digital age.


Mr. Emery has honed his research skills investigating urban legends, rumors, and hoaxes for About.com since 1997. Other professional credits include stints as a newsroom librarian, staff writer for a TV sitcom, freelance journalist, and contributing editor of a satirical newspaper. He first won recognition in the online world as an arch commentator on the outer limits of Net culture with Iron Skillet Magazine, "a compendium of offbeat views run through the blender of the author's savage sense of humor ... [with] on-target skewerings of strange ideas" (Houston Chronicle).


Mr. Emery holds a B.A. in Philosophy.

By David Emery:

"On this site we'll debunk, deconstruct, and, wherever possible, simply revel in the strangest, scariest, funniest, most popular tall tales, myths, and legends people see fit to share, both online and off. Please join me in what promises to be a constantly entertaining, ever-enlightening exploration of the folklore of the digital age."

Email: urbanlegends@aboutguide.com
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Legends/101434226604399
On Twitter: http://twitter.com/debunker
On Google+: David Emery

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