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Demi and the Amorous Dolphin

From the Mailbag


Dear Urban Legends,

I am attempting to verify something that was presented as fact several weeks ago on a local radio station.

You may be my only hope!

A local morning DJ here in Hampton Roads, Virginia (Jeff Allen of WAFX, a classic rock station), told a story regarding an experience Demi Moore allegedly had at an aquatic park.

The DJ stated that Demi and her family went to a place to 'swim with dolphins,' and that one of the dolphins became amorous with Demi and that park personnel had to intervene (the DJ was making jokes about how dolphins know a good thing too, etc.).

I have watched and listened for confirmation of the incident, but have been unable to validate the rumor.

Can you tell me if this is true or not?

Thank you!

Dear Reader,

I can tell you that in July 2003, gossip columnists reported that Ms. Moore and her extended family (including boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, ex-husband Bruce Willis and their children) had recently attended a Duran Duran concert in Las Vegas, where they stayed at the Mirage Hotel, home of Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. I can tell you that Demi Moore reportedly went swimming in the Habitat pool. And I can tell you that according to the New York Post, where this story apparently broke, one of the dolphins allegedly "went after Demi in a big way" and the actress was forced to exit the pool.

Now, this could be true, considering that dolphins have a reputation for displaying sexual aggression toward human beings on occasion, but bear in mind that the report originated from a solitary, unnamed source (or "spy," as the Post likes to call its gossip-mongers) and has not been confirmed by Moore herself, her entourage, her representatives, representatives of the Mirage Hotel, nor any member of the animal kingdom.

I can't offer conclusive evidence one way or the other, I'm sorry to say, but frankly it does sound more than a wee bit fishy to me.

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