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The Knockout Perfume
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Are "knockout perfume" bandits around the world tricking women into sniffing ether-laced samples to render them helpless?

Feature: The Knockout Perfume
Parking lot bandits use ether-laced perfume to knock out their victims. Here's a history of this Internet urban legend with more than a half-dozen U.S. variants.

Feature: Two Sniffs and You're Out!
The strange story of Bertha Johnson of Mobile, Alabama, who filed a police report in November 1999 that launched an international urban legend.

Poisoned Perfume Samples in the Mail?
Are terrorists sending poisoned samples through the mail to kill innocent U.S. citizens?

Canadian Variant
Email sighting, July/November 2000

Little Rock, Arkansas Variant
Email sighting, November 2000

Singapore Variant
Email sighting, July 2000

Sydney, Australia Variant
Email sighting, November 2000

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