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Urban Legends
Guide picks
Feature articles, FAQs and basic information about urban legends.

About:  Archive of Urban Legends & Netlore
YOUR archive of urban legends and Netlore -- a permanent collection of hilarious, sad, horrifying and semi-instructive tales contributed by readers.

Archives on the Web
Best Web-based collections of urban legends and Netlore.

Glossary of Folklore Terms
Concise definitions of the most commonly used words and phrases in discussions of urban legends and folklore.

How to Spot an Urban Legend
Hints and tips for identifying "friend of a friend" tales.

Netlore: Urban Legends, Hoaxes & Rumors on the Net
In this digital age, the Internet -- email in particular -- is a primary mode of transmission for rumors and legends. Here you'll find information about the various forms of Netlore and how to cope with them.

What Exactly ARE Urban Legends?
Infrequently Answered Questions.

A Chat with Jan Harold Brunvand
Renowned folklorist and urban legends expert Jan Harold Brunvand discusses his work in this transcript of a special CNN chat session.

High School Confidential
One brave skeptic accepts the thankless mission of lecturing teenagers on the dangers of propagating urban legends. "Just say no!"

How Urban Legends Work
From HowStuffWorks.com, a superb introduction to urban legends, their origins and their meanings, written by Tom Harris.

Tales of the Wooden Spoon
Barbara Mikkelson on behalf of the San Fernando Folklore Society explains what urban legends are and offers a host of examples.

Truth, Justice and the Freudian Slip
This one's for all you Freud fans out there -- an intro to the psychoanalytic interpretation of Net myths and urban legends.

Urban Myths on the Internet
Pithy overview of Internet-transmitted folklore -- urban legends, hoaxes, chain letters, etc. With bibliography and links to examples.

Urban Myths about Urban Legends
An amusing take on the origins of urban folklore, written by Rick Larsen.

Virus Hoaxes, Urban Legends, etc.
A concise introduction to common forms of misinformation on the Internet by Matthew Armistead.

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