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Apocrypha Now! Archive
Sightings, notes & updates

by David Emery

Groundhog Day to Go on Amidst Tightened Security
01/16/02 — Not even Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania's famed weather-predicting groundhog, is immune from the fallout of September 11. Groundhog Day organizers say all bags and backpacks will be searched and security beefed up in general for the annual February 2 festivities on Gobbler's Knob, to which thousands of visitors are expected to flock this year. National Guard troopers and extra state police will also be deployed. According to legend, winter weather will continue for six more weeks if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow — that is, if he dares pop his head out of the burrow at all.
  • More Security on Groundhog Day - Associated Press
  • For Punxsutawney Phil, Plenty of Ground Forces - Reuters
  • Groundhog Day Central

The Weird Year in Review
01/10/02 — In a year-end wrap for The Weird Chronicles, his weekly column on Click2Houston.com, J. Scott Wilson lavishes awards on Bert the Muppet ("Traitor of the Year"), The Tourist Guy ("Weird Man of the Year") and George Turklebaum ("Urban Legend of the Year"), among others. Modesty forbids my revealing who won the award for "Source of the Year."
  • The Weird Year in Review - by J. Scott Wilson

The Christina Aguilera Sex Tape
01/08/02 — If you're like me, you're asking "What sex tape?"  Well, you can read all about it on the 21-year-old pop diva's official Website, which posted a notice yesterday denying that Aguilera appears in a video now being promoted on "certain pornographic Websites."  Labeling the promos "fraudulent," the statement goes on to say: "The video clips advertised on the websites are of a woman with blonde hair shown only from the back — the person in the video is not Christina."  Legal action has been threatened.
  • Aguilera: Porn Video a Hoax - Hollywood.com

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