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What Is It About the Green Ones? M&Ms as Aphrodisiac

Sep. 23, 2001 - The good folks at Mars Inc., makers of a plethora of chocolate confections including the ever-popular, melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands M&Ms, have apparently decided the old adage "Sex sells" applies to candy, too. After 30 years of mostly ignoring the inexplicable urban legend about green M&Ms having aphrodisiacal powers, the company has rolled out new magazine and TV ads unabashedly exploiting the candy's sexy reputation. In addition to the ads, which feature teasers like "What is it about the green ones?" and "You'll melt in my hands," specially-marked packages will contain green M&Ms stamped with the sultry, trademarked face of the candy's animated spokesmodel.

Given that the bulk of contemporary folklore about companies and products is notably more negative, I don't expect urban legend tie-ins to become a major trend in advertising. Among the ad campaigns you won't see any time soon:


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