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A History Lesson

Doctors Find Live Worm in Patient's Eye

Netlore Archive: When the doctors operated, what was thought to be a growth or cyst actually turned out to be a live worm; what was thought initially to be mere dust in the patient's eye was actually an insect's egg...

Description: Email rumor w/images
Circulating since: Nov 2002
Status: Partly true
Analysis: See comments

Email example contributed anonymously, 16 Nov 2002:

Subject: Fw: Careful with dust!!!

Its just like from an alien movie be very careful when u get caught with dust...as following pics will show effects of bad dust to a person.

While he was walking he felt an eye irritation, thinking that it was just regualr dust, he started to rub his eye, in an effort to remove the dust.... then his eyes got really red, and he went and bought some eye drops from a pharmacy....few days passed n his eyes were still red and seems a little swollen.

Again he dismissed it as the constant rubbing and that it will go away. The days go by the swelling of his eye got worse, redder and bigger.... till he decided to go and see a doctor for a check up.

The doctor immediately wanted an operation, being afraid of a tumor growth or cyst. At the operation, what was thought to be a growth or cyst, actually turned out to be a live worm..... what was thought initially to be just mere dust actually was an insect's egg......because of that, my friends, if u do get caught in dust, and the pain persists, pls go see a doctor immediately...... thank you.... (see the pics)

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