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Free Beer!

Netlore Archive: Just visit this Website and fill out an online form to win a free promotional case of beer from Anheuser-Busch or Miller Brewing Co. (depending on which version of this prank message you receive)

Description: Email hoax
Circulating since: Dec 2002
Status: False
Analysis: See below

Email example contributed by MC, 14 January 2003:

Subject: Free Case of Beer!!!

You might want to pass this along to some friends..

There's an ad for Anheuser-Busch in the newspapers today and they are having a beer promotion. If you fill-in the online form at the website below they'll send you a complimentary (FREE) case of assorted domestic and imported beers - which is meant to introduce you to their products! Apparently they have this promotion going until the middle of January. check it out.....

You might want to pass this along to some friends..


Email example contributed by J. Mosher, 13 January 2003:

A friend sent this to me and you need to check it out

As everyone is pushing the holiday limits and your wallet gets a little cash-lighter, this promotion caught my attention. I was in the liquor store yesterday and the store manager was there talking to distributor for Miller beer. Anyway, he gave me their web site address. They have a promotion now through January 23rd where they are giving a coupon for a free case of beer. The coupon is good anywhere in the U.S. and is valid for a year. All you need to do is go to their web site and click on the "special promotion" and print the coupon. That's it. I did it and redeemed it last night. Happy Holidays!


Email example contributed by J. Getter, 11 December 2002:

Subject: Free Imported Beer!

Free Imported Beer!

Hey, here's a deal you CANNOT pass up.

While I was out shopping on Sat, I stopped by ABC Liquor (booze for my customers) and they were having a beer promotion for Christmas.

If you fill-in the online form they'll send you 2 complimentary (that'd be FREE!!) cases of imported 'Caricacell' Italian beer. Apparently ABC will distribute this beer in United States and they have a promotion going until 15th December. If you live out of the U.S.A., put in a friend's address and give them the gift instead.

It expires on the 18th, so you only have until next weekend to take advantage of this deal.


FREE BEER! Screen shot of the "online form" for claiming a free case of beer. (Better luck next time!)
Comments: Those who have actually clicked through to these Web sites to collect a coupon or fill out the "online form" for free beer already know the joke's on them. For those who haven't, see the screen shot at right for the visual punchline of this unsubtle Web prank.

The hoax appears to have originated in Italy in November 2002, inspiring American copycats wherein references to "imported Caricacell Italian beer" (is there such a brand?) were replaced with names more familiar to U.S. beer drinkers: Miller Brewing Co. and Anheuser-Busch. Neither company has announced an online promotion offering free cases of beer. Miller was the victim of a similar hoax in 1999, in which email forwarders were promised free six-packs to celebrate the new millennium.

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