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Dead Frog Found in Can of Kroger Peas

Netlore Archive: Irate consumer complains in forwarded email about finding a tiny dead frog inside a can of Kroger peas. Photos attached!

Description: Email rumor
Circulating since: March 2003
Status: True
Analysis: See comments

Email example contributed by L Holmes, 26 March 2003:

FW: Piper's Frog in Kroger peas

For those of you that haven't already heard from me personally here is a little story about Kroger (Dillons) brand canned peas. Trust me, it is NO JOKE.

On 3-12 I heated up a can of Kroger peas in the microwave that I had purchased from Dillons at Central and Maize. After eating about half the bowl I noticed something a little darker mixed in with my peas. After one more spoonful of peas IT APPEARED. A FROG!!! After doing a double-triple take I spit my peas out all over the counter and ran to the kitchen sink and lost it. Grossed out beyond belief I poured a big glass of wine and chugged it. Apparently wine and frog laced peas don't go well together because I went back to the sink and lost it again.

I called Kroger and they gave me the standard were sorry story and blamed their supplier, Lakeside Foods. They had me Fed Ex the frog to Lakeside foods for frog analysis or something. HERE IS THE INTERESTING PART. To my amazement/horror the Kroger representative said I WAS NOT THE ONLY PERSON THIS WAS HAPPENING TO. Yes, there could me more Kroger frogs out there!

After a about a week they determine that there was indeed a frog in my peas. When I asked how they were going to resolve the situation they offered me a $100 Kroger gift card. I was pretty offended. I haven't been able to eat any vegetable since that day let alone look at a can of peas.

So this doesn't happen to anyone else I am attaching the pictures of my little friend and the can he came in. Lakeside Foods also supplies canned vegetables to the Fleming Company. Fleming supplies the Wichita Checkers and Boogarts stores. Anyone want the 10 other cans of Kroger vegetables I still have in my cabinet?

Pea sickend for life,

Bryan Piper

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