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Puppies Found in Trash Bin Need a Home

Netlore Archive: Forwarded email seeks homes for nine cute puppies abandoned in a trash bin (photos attached)

Description: Email flier
Circulating since: May 2003
Status: Outdated
Analysis: See comments

Email example contributed by R. Hurst, 8 May 2003:

Subject: FW: Puppies need homes

Good morning,

This past weekend my husband found near a trash bin 9 cute puppies that were left to die of starvation. He could not leave them there to die so he brought them home hoping we could find a home for them. They are about two weeks old and I am not sure what type of dog they are, but they are cute black and brown puppies. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking a puppy please let me know. We will be taking care of them for this week only and then taking them to the pound.

Maria M. Alvarez
Design Engineer

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