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'Amazing' Satellite Photos of Space Shuttle Explosion

Netlore Archive: These stunningly clear, close-up images purporting to show the Space Shuttle Columbia blowing up in orbit are circulating via email. Were they really taken by an Israeli spy satellite?

Description: Email hoax
Circulating since: Feb. 2003
Status: False
Analysis: See last page

Email example contributed by I. Moreno, March 7, 2003:

Subject: Columbia Photos

A friend of a friend forwarded the following:

"Got these from a friend of mine who is a retired NASA space engineer. Haven't seen anything like this on the news yet. "

These photos of the shuttle explosion are very graphic but are outstanding in their clarity and detail. They were taken (I was told) by an Israeli satellite and have not yet been released by the U.S. Government. I thought you might want to see them if they haven't been sent to you already.

IMAGE: Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion

IMAGE: Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion

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