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Bungee Jumper vs. Crocodile (Video) - Urban Legends

Bungee Jumper vs. Crocodile


Netlore Archive: Viral video of a grisly encounter between a bungee jumper and a huge crocodile awaiting him in the river below

Description: Viral video
Circulating since: Oct. 2005
Status: It's a TV commercial! (see details below)

Email contributed by Marsha J., Oct. 25, 2005:

Subject: FW: Bungee jump (Watch the water!!!!!!)

Just another reason not to bungee jump.

Link to video of crocodile vs. bungee jumper
Watch Video via YouTube.com

video of bungee jumper vs. crocodile
Crocodile (or alligator) bites off bungee jumper's head
Video: Bungee Jumper vs. Crocodile
Video: Bungee Jumper vs. Crocodile

Analysis: For the benefit of those who can't (or don't want to) view the video file linked above, what happens in it is this:

A bungee jumper dives from a great height toward a body of water, and, just as he reaches the end of his tether, a large crocodile suddenly surfaces and bites his head off.

Special effects

Not to worry — it never really happened. The camcorder-style clip is part of a television commercial for Foster's Beer that aired in 2003. The crocodile (or alligator, according to some versions of the email) was added to the image via special effects wizardry.

The commercial, which originally ended with the voice-over (since deleted), "New Foster's hit tap. Don't lose your head," was the subject of some controversy in England, where the Independent Television Commission received nearly 200 consumer complaints alleging it was in "bad taste." The Commission ruled in favor of the advertiser, however, noting that the actual images "were not graphic, bloody or realistic."

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Sources and further reading:

Foster's Ad Cleared of Bad Taste
RealBeer.com, 21 August 2003


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Last updated: 10/27/05

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