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Is This the New Cook County Correctional Center?


Netlore Archive: Viral images purportedly show the stylish and comfortable new digs of prison inmates in Chicago's Cook County Correctional Center, thanks to Barack Obama.

Description: Viral images / Text
Circulating since: June 2008
Status: False / Mislabeled
Analysis: See last page

Email contributed by Kathy, June 29, 2008:


Allegedly, these viral images show the Cook County Correctional Center in Chicago, Illinois

Is this really the Cook County Correctional Center?

Email hoax: Photos of the Justice and Detention Center completed in 2005 in Leoben, Austria are incorrectly identified as the Cook Country Correctional Center in Chicago, Illinois

NOT the Cook County Correctional Center!

Image credits: Attributed to Paul Ott, circulating via email

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