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24-Hour Ghost Cam

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Did you see the ghost? If not, don't give up. You may have to watch the screen for 30 seconds or more before it appears. Your patience will be "rewarded."

Analysis: It isn't real, of course. The "ghost" isn't real; the "cam" isn't real. It's an animated GIF image, creator unknown, circulating online since 2004. It was made by combining an existing image of a "ghost" allegedly photographed in Malaysia, or Bangladesh, or Fort Mountain, Georgia (or somewhere else in the world depending on whose story, if any, you choose to believe) with a screen capture of a video feed from what appears to be a storeroom in an unknown building in an unknown location.

The "Malay Ghost" image has been circulating since 2000.

The "Sundarbans Ghost" (Bangladesh) image has been circulating since 2003, and was sent around with another email claiming the photo was taken in Fort Mountain, Georgia in 2008.

Click here to see the above two images side-by-side.

Last updated 09/30/11

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