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Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Netlore Archive:  Forwarded email warns female recipients to be on the watch for a form of breast cancer known as IBC, or inflammatory breast cancer

Description:  Email flier
Circulating since:  June 2006
Status:  True
Analysis:  See below

Email example contributed by K. Richey, 23 June 2006:

Subject: Another form of Breast Cancer: IBC

Early Detection Saves Lives... another form of Breast Cancer!

The Silent Killer...Very IMPORTANT

Ladies, you MUST watch this video...this is not a joke...please read and watch. It's a form of Breast Cancer that I honestly had never even heard of. Stay healthy!

Please show this to other women you know, or print it out for them to read.

Click here: komo newkomo Video Players | The Silent Killer: Inflammatory or copy and paste (writing article) : http://komotv.com/stories/43313.htm

Comments:  True. The message itself conveys little in the way of useful information, but it does point to a legitimate news story alerting women to the dangers of a rare but deadly form of breast cancer known as IBC, or inflammatory breast cancer. Doctors say IBC, which often escapes detection with routine mammogram and ultrasound tests, accounts for 6% of all invasive breast cancers. Many women are unaware that it even exists.

About.com Breast Cancer Guide Pam Stephan lists the signs and symptoms to watch for:

  • a sudden increase in mature breast size (as much as a cup size in a few days)
  • itching in the skin of the breast that is continuous and not relieved by pills or creams
  • a change in the breast skin color, resulting in pink, red, or dark-colored areas
  • breast is excessively warm to the touch, or harder or firmer than usual
  • unusual pain, which occurs out of the regular cycle
  • sometimes a change in skin texture, similar to the skin of an orange

Though the historical survival rate of patients diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer has been "grim," according to the Mayo Clinic, new treatments combining surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation have improved the prognosis considerably. "What was once universally fatal is now a disease that results in half of women diagnosed being alive in five years and one-third of women diagnosed surviving 10 or more years."

See the links below for more information on inflammatory breast cancer, including symptoms and treatment.

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Last updated: 06/26/06

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