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Keith Urban vs. Canadians

Netlore Archive: Email rumor claims Australian country singer Keith Urban demanded that Canadian fans leave one of his performances because their country hasn't participated in the Iraq war effort

Description: Email rumor
Circulating since: September 2006
Status: False

Email example contributed by Debbie A., 14 September 2006:


This big shot western singer Keith Urban asked all Canadians to stand up at the Minot Fair. After everyone stood up he asked all the Canadians to leave the stands before he would sing because they were not helping out fighting with USA troops.

Pass this around and see how his record sales do in Canada.

Also Garth Brooks donated 1 million to keep Canadian cattle out of USA

Comments: This much is true: Australian country singer Keith Urban did perform at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot, ND on July 21, 2006.

It is equally true, however, that just one week prior to that Mr. Urban had performed at the Sarnia Rogers Bayfest in Ontario, Canada. Strange behavior for a man who resents Canadians, eh?

Having searched in vain for news reports confirming that Keith Urban ousted Canadians from his North Dakota performance -- for that matter, having searched in vain for evidence that Urban has ever taken a public political stance of any kind -- I am confident that this email rumor, which didn't begin circulating until two months after the alleged incident, is a baseless smear.

As to the charge that Garth Brooks donated a million dollars to "keep Canadian cattle out of the U.S.A.," I have yet to come across any evidence indicating this is true.

Update: According to North Dakota State Fair marketing director Jessica Bullinger, eyewitnesses categorically deny that Keith Urban made disparaging remarks about Canadians during his 2006 performance. "He did ask how many Canadians were in the audience, then gave them a special welcome and thanked them for attending the show. It's very unfortunate because it was a special welcome that he gave to Canadians," Bullinger told the Minot Daily News. Read more...

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Last updated: 08/27/07

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