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John Kerry and Jane Fonda at Anti-War Rally


Netlore Archive: Viral image purports to show John Kerry and Jane Fonda standing together at a podium during a 1970s anti-war rally

Description: Emailed photo / Hoax
Circulating since: Feb. 2004
Status: Fake (see details below)

Email contributed by Peter R., Feb. 13, 2004:

Viral image purports to show John Kerry and Jane Fonda together at a '70s anti-war rally

Analysis: Presidential candidate John Kerry and actress/anti-war activist Jane Fonda sharing a podium at a peace rally? Plausible, but never happened.

Unlike another viral image showing Kerry and Fonda within spitting distance of one another at a '70s anti-war rally, the above image, including headline and caption, is a hoax. The original, unaltered photo of Kerry, taken June 13, 1970, documents the Vietnam War veteran sitting alone prior to giving a speech at an outdoor peace rally. Fonda's likeness was photoshopped in at a later date (both original photos are owned by Corbis).

Update: "The Real Fake" - Photographer Ken Light describes the experience of encountering his original 1970 photograph of John Kerry circulating in an altered state on the Internet. "As far as I know, John Kerry never shared a demonstration podium with Jane Fonda, and the fact that a widely circulated photo showed him doing so — until it was exposed in recent weeks as a hoax — tells us more about the troublesome combination of Photoshop and the Internet than it does about the prospective Democratic candidate for president."

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Last updated: 02/28/04

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