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The Monster Crocodile of Pointe-Noire

Emailed photos of a gigantic crocodile fished from the sea in the port of Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo.

Description: Emailed images
Circulating since: Aug. 2003
Status: Authentic / Description is inaccurate
Analysis: See comments

Email example contributed by J. Walker, Dec. 3, 2004:

Subject: Fw: Monster in Pointe Noire

This crocodile was on the beach in front of the Petroleum club, Plage Sportive In Pointe Noire. 21 FT long, 4,500 lbs, around 80 years old minimum.

Specialists said that he was looking to eat humans because he was too old to catch animals. For the past few months in some villages close to Pointe Noire people were complaining that some people in their villages have been disappearing, could be this crocodile. This crocodile was killed by the army last Sunday at 3:00 pm, currently he is in the freezer at the Azur hotel.

Monster crocodile allegedly caught on the beach in front of the Petroleum Club, Plage Sportive in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo
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