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Email: Target Bans Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Netlore Archive: Forwarded emails criticize Target Corporation for not allowing Salvation Army bell ringers on their premises at Christmas time.

Description: Forwarded emails
Circulating since: Oct. 2004
Status: True

Example #1
Email text contributed by Brian T., Oct. 3, 2004:

Subject: Salvation Army and Target

It was announced by Target Corp that they will no longer allow the ringers at holiday time. They have been making an exception to the no solicitors rule by allowing them. Further they have the Community Giving Educational program. WalMart assisted the Salvation Army last year w/ 14 million, Target w/ 9 million and Kmart with 7 million.

The bell ringers are usually the recipient of services. They are the reminder that the pot is empty. The giving that occurs on the street is spontaneous by the giver.

One must remember that Target was the child of larger retailers, it is no longer. It is a large corporation onto itself. It has an ad campaign of "hipness" and being fashionable. A pot with a ringer just doesn't fit in.

This makes me angry. If it makes you angry too , pass this e-mail on to those in your address book. I am also suggesting that we assist this worthy organization by our PROTEST of corporate policy. Some suggestions are :

E Mail Target at InvestorRelations@target.com and tell them what you are willing to do. Some of the activities would be to BOYCOTT the holiday season, or ONLY buying the LOSS LEADERS in the store and nothing else( this is when they put something on sale for cost or less to lure you in and then you buy lots of everything else to go with it). That strategy will cause the them to LOSE MONEY, PROFITS, and STOCK WILL DROP.

Or you can write them at Target Corporation, 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis MN 55403

Or you can call them , but I only found the sales line at 612-761-6500 ( this number may not work but there is a number for cusromer service at the store and on the credit cards- agian the wrong place but it would cause some rippling effects ).

TELL TARGET WHAT YOU ARE DOING *-then do it..............


Example #2
Email text contributed by J. Janae, Nov. 23, 2004:

Dear Friend:

When we think about giving to the less fortunate during the holiday season most of us think of the Salvation Army bell-ringers with their bright red kettles collecting donations for the needy.

But guess what? As you may have heard, there will be a lot fewer bell-ringers across the nation - and right here in Minnesota -- this year. Minnesota's own Target Corporation has decided it will no longer allow the Salvation Army to takes its place at the stores entrances. Target executives said they made the decision out of concern for their customers - but that just doesn't make sense. If Target's customers had such a problem with the bell-ringers, they wouldn't have dropped around nine million dollars nationwide into their kettles at Target stores last year -- $750,000 in Minnesota alone.

No, it's not Target's customers who are complaining about the bell ringers. In fact plenty are raising their voice in support for the Salvation Army. They're asking the retailer to consider the countless thousands of needy people worldwide who benefit from the dollars Americans drop into Salvation Army's kettles. They're asking Target's CEO to once again welcome Salvation Army's bell ringers at Target store entrances.

Please add your voice to this worthy appeal. We're asking friends like you to contact Target's CEO Robert Ulrich with a simple request that he bring back the Salvation Army kettles.

Friend your partnership in this simple request could turn the heart of one of America's largest retailers back to the many needy people who rely on the Salvation Army every year.

Here's how:

1. Click on this link to send an email directly to Mr. Ulrich: http://www.mfc.org/alerts/alert.asp?id=72

2. Increase your impact by forwarding this email to family and friends!

You may also contact Mr. Ulrich at the following address and phone number:

Target Corp. Robert Ulrich, chairman and CEO 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403 Phone: (612) 304-6073 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday).

Your Friends at the Minnesota Family Council

Analysis: True. Target Corporation informed the Salvation Army in January 2004 that it would no longer allow the charity's traditional bell ringers to collect donations in front of its stores during the Christmas season. Citing a long-standing "no solicitation" policy at all of its stores, Target justified its decision by stating, in part, that "if we continue to allow the Salvation Army to solicit, then it opens the door to any other groups that wish to solicit our guests."

As of the end of November 2004, the company showed no signs of reconsidering its decision despite customer complaints and boycott threats.

Excerpt from Target Corporation public statement:

Target Corporation has a long-standing "no solicitation" policy at all of our stores. Like many nationwide retailers, Target Corporation implemented this policy in order to be consistent with all the groups that request access to our stores and to provide our guests with a comfortable, distraction-free shopping environment.

Therefore, Target Corporation restricts the use of its parking lots and facilities to only business use. Target does not permit individuals (including political candidates and/or their campaign organizations) or nonprofit organizations to solicit donations, distribute literature, sell merchandise or hold events on our premises.

Target has received attention for applying this policy to all groups, including the Salvation Army. We receive an increasing number of solicitation inquiries from nonprofit organizations and groups each year and determined that if we continue to allow the Salvation Army to solicit, then it opens the door to any other groups that wish to solicit our guests. While some of our guests may welcome the opportunity to support their favorite charity or cause, allowing these organizations to solicit means that Target would also have to permit solicitation by organizations whose causes or behavior may be unacceptable to our guests.

Update: As of 2011, Target Corporation continues to enforce its no solicitation policy at all locations.

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