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Sneaky Shark


Netlore Archive: Viral image shows a massive shark looming behind two blissfully unaware scuba divers vacationing in Australia.

Description: Emailed image
Circulating since: August 2007
Status: Fake (see details below)

Email contributed by Peter K., Aug. 20, 2007:

Read before you look at the pic

Family on holiday in Australia for a week and a half when husband, wife and their 15 year old son decided to go scoober diving. The husband is in the navy and has had some scoober experience. His son wanted a pic of his mum and dad in all their gear so got the under water camera on the go. When it came to taking the pic the dad realized that the son look like he was panicking as he took it and gave the "OK" hand sign to see if he was alright.

The son took the pic and swam to the surface and back to the boat as quick as he could so the mum and dad followed to see if he was OK. When they got back to him he was scrambling onto the boat and absolutely sh1tting himself. When the parents asked why he said "there was a shark behind you" and the dad thought he was joking but the skipper of the boat said it was true and that they wouldn't believe him if he told them what it was. As soon as they got back to the hotel they put the pic onto the laptop and this is what they saw.

(Try and tell me you wouldn't have emptied your entire digestive system right at the point you saw it) If it was your child, you would want all the help you could get!!

Family SCUBA diving in Australia attracts an unseen admirer - a shark
Image credit: R.J. Mataleone / Worth1000.com

Analysis: Were this story true, one would have to wonder why the parents of the child who snapped this photo didn't disown him after he swam to safety without warning them they were about to be eaten by a great white shark. At least they came away with the vacation snapshot of a lifetime, eh?

The story isn't, in fact, true, nor do we know who authored it. Later variants include minor revisions, such as the correction of the spelling of "scoober" (to "scuba") and the bowdlerization of the phrase "absolutely shitting himself" (to "absolutely emptying his bowels").

The image that inspired this work of fiction is a collage created by Worth1000.com member R. J. Mataleone for a Photoshop contest on the theme "Vacation Bloopers." Nicely done.

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Sources and further reading:

My First Diving in the Vacations
Worth1000.com Photoshop contest entry by R.J. Mataleone

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