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William Hung Dead of Heroin Overdose

According to Internet rumors, American Idol reject William Hung was found dead of an intentional heroin overdose in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Description: Emailed "news story"
Circulating since: July 2004
Status: It's satire (i.e., false)

Email example contributed by Ben S., July 21, 2004:

Subject: FW: William Hung's Death ~ Jus unbelievable

American Idol's William Hung Found Dead of Heroin Overdose

7/13/2004 - Robert Krupto

Las Vegas, NV - Kitschy American Idol Star William Hung, famous for his botching of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs," was found dead yesterday, apparently of an intentional heroin overdose. The announcement of his death sent shockwaves to the tens of people who still found him funny.

Ironically, Mr. Hung was found by a VH1 camera crew sent to begin filing "William Hung: Behind the 'Music.'" Viacom immediately decided to rename the special: "William Hung: fifteen minutes till death."


Comments: Rumors that international pop sensation William Hung died of a heroin overdose have swirled ever since July 13, 2004, when the fictional — I repeat, fictional — "news" story excerpted above was published on the satirical — I repeat, satirical — website, BrokenNewz.com.

In Asia, angst over Hung's alleged demise reached such a fevered pitch that barely a week later the Straits Times saw fit to print a denial by the 21-year-old former engineering student's father, Henry Hung, in its July 21 edition.

Hung himself addressed the rumors in a San Francisco Chronicle article dated August 4: "They're not true," he said. "I'm healthy and energetic as ever."

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