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Chunky Soup / NFL 'Click for Cans' Promotion

Netlore Archive: Campbell's Chunky Soup / NFL 'Click for Cans' charity promises football fans the opportunity to help food banks across the country by voting online for their favorite teams.

Description: Forwarded email
Circulating since: 2001 / Renewed annually
Status: Outdated

Email example contributed by B. King, Oct. 5, 2001:

Subject: FW: Soup for New York with just one Click

All of you have 30 seconds to spare! People in New York and DC are going to be having to hit foodbanks hard. There will be a need in NY for the soup. Below is an easy way to help....

Campbell's is donating a can of soup to area foodbanks just by clicking on a football helmet at their website. So let's see which team gets the most support and help some hungry people, too! It's quick, easy, and can be done once a day.

Here is a hyper link to directly connect you to their website. Just click on this web address http://www.chunky.com/click_for_cans.asp then click on your favorite team's helmet and Campbell has donated a can of soup.

That is it! Please pass this to a friend or 2,3,4...

Analysis: Outdated. This charitable promotion jointly run by the Campbell Soup Company and National Football League started in 1998 and was renewed each year for football season, but as of 2011 has been discontinued. Go to Click for Cans on the Campbell's Chunky Soup website for more info.

Last updated: 09/15/11

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