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The Grateful Terrorist
Gallery of Variants
Description:  Urban legend
Status:  False
Circulating since:  Sept. 2001

As reported by S. Brawley, 06/09/02:

In the last few days there has been a rumor floating around in the public about a story involving a woman who was in a grocery store. She was in line behind a man with a turban on his head, and he was $2 short, so to move the line forward, she paid it for him.

Supposedly, he approached her outside and told her thank you. He also (allegedly) said since she was nice to him, he wanted to be nice to her, and told her that as of June 1st that her family and she needed to stay away from drinking any coca cola beverage.

Now this sounds like the perfect "urban legend," but then again with the way things have been going, you have to wonder.

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