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Marilyn Manson No Puppy Killer, Says ASPCA

The following arrived, unsolicited, from Peter Paris, Director of Public Affairs for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

ASPCA Comment Regarding Marilyn Manson Internet Hoax

April 16, 1999

The recent Internet postings accusing rock musician Marilyn Manson of killing puppies, chickens or any other animal in concert are false. This has been confirmed by the ASPCA with his manager, and by recent attendance at his concert by a friend of the ASPCA. Call it an 'urban legend,' 'Internet myth' or plain old 'hoax,' it is simply not true. Intentional animal cruelty to a companion animal is a felony in at least 27 states and a misdemeanor in the rest. If anyone has any documented evidence or first-hand accounts of animal cruelty it should be reported to the local police or humane society in that town. Please pass this information along to other concerned animal lovers and anyone else spreading this rumor.

The rumor may sound fresh, but it's not. There are Usenet postings accusing Manson of the same offenses dating back to 1996. What is new is that as of this month the allegations are now circulating via chain email.

For example:

Dear whomever may read this:

Today is April 3, 1999, (I think) And today I heard about something that has to stop. You all know of the sick person named Marilyn Manson. I know someone who went to one of his concerts. He is abusing animals. He threw several puppies into the crowd before his show. And then he told the crowd that he would not start the show until the pups were killed. So, in conclusion, several puppies are killed at each Marilyn Manson concert. This is a sick thing that has to stop now. And we are the only ones who can stop it. This guy is a sick person. I am sending this to every1 on my buddy list, and if you could PLEASE send this to at least 10 people, we can make a difference. If people realize what this sick man is doing, then less people will go to his concerts, and then when nobody comes, he can't kill anymore puppies. So please, by sending this, you are saving the lives of a couple puppies. And let me just tell you that if you don't send this you are a self centered loser.

I beg to differ. The only real losers in this scenario are those who take such rumors seriously.

If we're to believe everything we read and hear, Manson has killed (or incited his audience to kill) everything from goats to geese to cute little kittens during his concerts. One variant even claims that, and I quote, "Marilyn Manson buys Mexican kids so he can throw them into the audience during show."

Come on. If any of this were true, the unholier-than-thou rocker would be waving his bare buttocks at fellow inmates in a penitentiary right now instead of hordes of spectacle-hungry teenagers. The fact of the matter is that Manson's satanic reputation was largely inherited from earlier rock-and-roll bad boys like Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osborne.

If you have the stomach for it, there are plenty more contrived tales of debauchery to be found at the Marilyn Manson Rumor Page.

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