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Slavemaster Warning

Netlore Archive: Do not answer Slavemaster's instant messages! He has killed 56 women he talked to on the Internet!!!

Description: Email rumor
Circulating since: June 2000
Status: Partly true / Outdated

Email example contributed by "IrishBabe," June 27, 2000:

If a guy by the name of ----- _SlaveMaster ----- contacts you do not answer. He has killed 56 women that he has talked to on the Internet.

PLZ SEND OUT TO ALL THE WOMEN ON YOUR BUDDY LIST . ALSO ASK THEM TO PASS THIS ON. He has been on {{ Yahoo- AOL-- Excite }} so far. This is no JOKE.!!!!

Analysis: In spite of a grain of truth lurking behind this email warning, it's grossly misleading, and, as of this writing (September 2000), utterly pointless.

Briefly, the true facts are these: John E. Robinson of Kansas, an alleged Internet stalker who went by the screen name "Slavemaster," was charged in June 2000 with the murders of five women he met in chat rooms. He's a suspect in the killings of six more, adding up to a total of 11 possible victims. Not 56.

In any case, Mr. Robinson has not been a threat to society since June 6, 2000, when he was jailed by Kansas authorities under $5 million bail (see news stories below).

Variants of the Slavemaster hoax:

SweetCaliGuy4ever Warning - 2001 Variant
From March 2001

Slavemaster Warning - 2001 Variant #2
From March 2001

Slavemaster Warning - 2001 Variant #3
From August 2001

Monkeyman935 Warning - 2002 Variant
From October 2002

Jokerkid613 / Ja$on MoNey Warning - 2006 Variant
From May 2006

Rockhard Abs / Jason Stallings Warning
From September 2006

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News coverage:

Man Charged with 'Barrel Murders
BBC News, June 13, 2000

Possible Link Probed Between Missing People, Suspect in Barrel Deaths
CNN, June 7, 2000

More Deaths Linked to Suspected 'Slavemaster'
Online Athens, June 16, 2000

First Website Killer Trial Starts
The Register, June 25, 2000

Internet 'Slavemaster' Murder Trial
From CourtTV.com

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