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Current Netlore: 'Free Stuff' Chain Letters

Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends

Hoax = False, deliberately deceptive information
UL = Urban Legend - a popularly believed narrative, typically false
Rumor = Anecdotal claims - may be true, false, or in between
Junk = Flotsam and jetsam of the Net
NOTE: You can also locate specific items by typing relevant words into the Search box at the top of any page.

Abercrombie & Fitch Giveaway
A prank, basically a sequel to the "free clothes from The Gap" chain letter below.

AOL/Intel Merger Giveaway
Just forward this message, sit back, and wait for your check to arrive! And wait. And wait. And wait.

AOL/Microsoft Merger Giveaway
Another bogus "email tracking" offer.

AOL/Netscape Merger Giveaway
Sorry, folks. Microsoft will not be handing out cash to everyone who forwards this message.

Applebee's Giveaway
Just forward this message to nine of your closest friends and win a free gift certificate to Applebee's Restaurants. Not.

Bath & Body Works Giveaway
And free stuff from J. Crew, as well! Two more "email tracking" pranks to add to the ever-growing list.

Blockbuster Coupon
Invalid "Blockbuster Night" coupon circulating via forwarded email promises free movies, popcorn, and soda through 12/31/2007.

Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp
This email rumor circulating since 1998 is true: the U.S. Postal Service is selling special stamps and donating part of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

The Breast Cancer Site - Click to Donate Free Mammograms
TRUE: Clicking on sponsor's ads at the Breast Cancer Site provides funding for free mammograms to low-income women.

Breast Cancer Donation Websites (NFL, Yahoo)
True, but outdated. The Yahoo Health and NFL for Her sites offered one-click donation pages in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

British Airways Offers Free Flights
New version of an old email hoax claims British Airways is giving away free flights to users who forward a promotional chain letter to at least five other people.

Cell Phones - Nokia and Ericsson
Hoax messages say Nokia and Ericsson are giving away mobile phones.

Cracker Barrel Gift Certificate Chain Letter
Free gift certificates for forwarding a chain letter. Sound familiar?

Delta Airlines 'Free Flight' Chain Letter
Email hoax claims recipients will receive a free round-trip flight from Delta Airlines if they forward the message to 5 other people.

EMI/Time Warner Merger Giveaway
Another "email tracking" hoax promising money and vouchers for free merchandise.

Ericsson 'Free Laptop' Chain Letter
Email chain letter claims phone manufacturer Ericsson will give away free laptop computers to those who forward the message to at least eight people.

Free 411 Calls
True, with a catch: Email flier touts a new free 411 directory assistance service underwritten by advertisers.

Free Beer!BR>Just visit this Website and fill out an online form to win a free promotional case of beer from Anheuser-Busch or Miller Brewing Co. (depending on which version of this prank message you receive).

'Free Computer' Chain Letter
Hewlett-Packard and Gateway have supposedly merged, so for some unfathomable reason this means you can get a free IBM computer for forwarding this chain letter.

'Free Stock' Chain Letters
Internet start-ups offer shares of nonexistent stocks for free.

Gap Giveaway
Yet another "email tracking" prank. Forward this message and get a free Hawaiian shirt from Gap. (Not!)

Gap Giveaway, Part II
A sequel to the original Gap chain letter purportedly authored by the company's founder.

Gerber Savings Bond Giveaway
Fax and email alerts falsely claim that Gerber Products Co. lost a class action suit and now must pay out restitution to millions of American children in the form of $500 savings bonds.

Honda Car Giveaway
Find out right here how to get a brand spanking new Honda Civic just for forwarding a chain letter.

iWon.com Chain Letter
Forward this message and make big bucks!!!

Marks & Spencer Voucher Giveaway
Chain letter claims recipients will receive a free gift voucher from Marks & Spencer and Persimmon Homes if they pass the message along to at least eight other people.

McDonald's 'Free Premium Salad' Email Offer
"Free Salad" coupon circulating as an email attachment is bogus, according to the McDonald's Corporation.

Microsoft Xbox Giveaway
Email promises a free Xbox gaming console to 'lucky winners' in a 'promotional competition' supposedly affiliated with Microsoft. The latter denies any knowledge of it.

M&M's for the Millennium
Just for forwarding a chain letter? I think not.

The Newell Company 'Email Tracker'
More money for nothing!

Old Navy Gift Cards
Latest version of the same tired prank.

Outback Steakhouse Chain Letter
Further adventures in "email tracking."

Sainsbury's Gift Voucher
Email hoax claims recipients will receive a free Sainsbury's gift voucher if they forward the message to 10 other people.

Spirit Airlines 'Free Flight' Chain Letter
Email hoax claims recipients will receive a free round-trip flight from Spirit Airlines if they forward the message to 5 other people.

Starbucks 'Free Drink' Coupon
Circulating via email, a printable coupon for a free iced grande beverage at Starbucks. (Added 08/31/06)

Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Forward this message and Veuve Clicquot will send you a free case of French champagne!

Victoria's Secret Chain Letter
Forward this message and get a free gift certificate for silk undies!

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