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More AIDS / HIV Sneak Attacks - Urban Legends
False tales of 'sneak attacks' with HIV-contaminated needles continue to circulate in the U.S. and elsewhere.
Welcome to the World of AIDS - Urban Legends - About.com
(W.W. Norton), the birth of the AIDS Mary story coincided with the most virulent phase of the HIV epidemic in America. It took the form of a cautionary tale. After a  ...
HIV+ Blood in Ketchup Dispenser - Urban Legends
The charge that someone knowingly contaminated a condiment dispenser with HIV also smacks of existing urban legends about miscreants spreading the AIDS  ...
HOAX: Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles - Urban Legends
Online warnings claim evildoers are exposing innocent victims to the AIDS virus by attaching HIV-contaminated needles to gas pump handles.
HOAX: Frooti Contaminated with AIDS / HIV Blood - Urban Legends
Mar 1, 2014 ... Online hoax claims Frooti products have been contaminated by a worker with HIV -positive blood. It's false.
HIV Needle-Stick Rumors Still Thriving Online - Urban Legends
'You have been infected with HIV' - Rumors of recent needle-stick incidents in ... Urban Legends Expert .... Did Someone Put AIDS-Infected Blood in Pepsi Cola?
Rumor: AIDS / HIV Positive Blood in Pepsi Cola - Urban Legends
Pepsi contaminated with AIDS? Online rumor claims a worker tainted Pepsi products with HIV-positive blood.
Can You Catch AIDS From a Pineapple? - Urban Legends
May 28, 2014 ... False rumor claims a 10-year-old boy contracted AIDS after eating pineapple from a roadside vendor who was infected with HIV.
Urban Legends: Contaminated Food & Drink
Urban legends and horror stories involving contaminated or adulterated food and beverages. ... Food & Drink. Frooti AIDS HIV Blood - Via Facebook ...
Dirty Needles in Pay Phone Coin Slots - Urban Legends
aids / hiv urban legends · needle-stick rumors · email hoaxes ... They are getting stuck by these needles and infected with hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases.
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