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More AIDS / HIV Sneak Attacks - Urban Legends
False tales of 'sneak attacks' with HIV-contaminated needles continue to circulate in the U.S. and elsewhere.
Rumor: AIDS / HIV Positive Blood in Pepsi Cola - Urban Legends
Pepsi contaminated with AIDS? Online rumor claims a worker tainted Pepsi products with HIV-positive blood.
Welcome to the World of AIDS - Urban Legends - About.com
What you have just read, albeit digitally transmitted, is an urban legend in the ... the birth of the AIDS Mary story coincided with the most virulent phase of the HIV  ...
HIV+ Blood in Ketchup Dispenser - Urban Legends
Nov 26, 2008 ... Urban legendry is rife with such tales, testifying to our conflicted ... Besides which, medical scientists say HIV/AIDS is not a food-borne disease.
HOAX: Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles - Urban Legends
Online warnings claim evildoers are exposing innocent victims to the AIDS virus by attaching HIV-contaminated needles to gas pump handles.
HOAX: Frooti Contaminated with AIDS / HIV Blood - Urban Legends
Mar 1, 2014 ... Online hoax claims Frooti products have been contaminated by a worker with HIV -positive blood. It's false.
HIV Needle-Stick Rumors Still Thriving Online - Urban Legends
'You have been infected with HIV' - Rumors of recent needle-stick incidents in Dallas ... This is especially true in the case of the AIDS virus, which can only survive outside ... Even as the headlines blared "Urban Myth Is Reality," the ...
Urban Legends: Contaminated Food & Drink
Urban legends and horror stories involving contaminated or adulterated food and beverages. ... Food & Drink. Frooti AIDS HIV Blood - Via Facebook ...
An Urban Legend Come to Life? - Urban Legends - About.com
The man was arrested, but it isn't known if he has the AIDS virus himself. ... tall tales about HIV exposures culminating in the punchline "Welcome to the world of  ...
Dirty Needles in Pay Phone Coin Slots - Urban Legends
This did NOT come from a hearsay urban legend source. ... So, please be alert with public phones and beware of aids ! ... More AIDS/HIV Sneak Attacks
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