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Al Gore's Favorite Bible Verse, John 16:3 - Urban Legends
According to this forwarded email, presidential candidate Al Gore declared that his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3.
Al Gore vs. Christianity - Urban Legends
Circulating via email, alleged quote from a book by Al Gore derides Christians as 'a blight on the environment.'
Al Gore Jokes and Political Cartoons - Political Humor - About.com
Jokes, political cartoons, and satire about former Vice President Al Gore.
Did Al Gore Really Invent the Internet? - About Web Search
If you want to read what was said (along with background information) in its' entirety, you'll want to check out this resource: Al Gore "invented the Internet" ...
Al Gore Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About Al Gore - Political Humor
Read late-night jokes about former Vice President Al Gore.
Al Gore Cartoons - Political Cartoons about Al Gore - Political Humor
Political Cartoons about Al Gore. View a gallery of political cartoons about former Vice President Al Gore. See Also: Political Cartoons of the Week | Obama ...
Al Gore Quotes - Funny Quotes by Al Gore
Read funny quotes by former Vice President Al Gore.
Funny Al Gore Pictures - Political Humor - About.com
View doctored photos, parodies, and other funny pictures of Al Gore.
Al Gore on the Issues - U.S. Government Info/Resources
Al Gore and his stand on the issues, from your About.com Guide.
Funny Al Gore Picture - Cheaties - Gore Joke - Political Humor
Al Gore introduces Cheaties, the Breakfast of Chumpians, with a free Palm Beah County ballot bunch in every boy.
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