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Urban Legends: Crime
Urban legends and Netlore about crime and criminals: ATM Envelope Poisonings; The 'Blue Star' LSD Tattoo; The Body in the Bed; The Nigerian Scam; Double ...
Burundanga Drug Warning - Urban Legends
Viral alerts warn of criminals using business cards or pieces of paper impregnated with a potent street drug called burundanga (scopolamine) to incapacitate ...
Eggs on Windshield or Fake Baby in Car Seat Urban Legends
Viral alert warns that criminals are using new techniques to trick drivers into stopping their vehicles: throwing raw eggs at windshields and leaving infant car ...
Paper-on-Rear-Window Carjacking Scheme - Urban Legends
Sources and further reading: Email Warning of New Carjacking Appears to Be Years Old Urban Legend Crime Blog, Dallas Morning News, 20 October 2011.
Urban Legend: Gangs Kill Drivers Who Flash Their Lights
Decades-old urban legend says innocent people who flash their headlights at oncoming cars are being chased down ... Crime: Separating the Fact from Fiction
Flash Your Headlights and Die! - An Urban Legend
Examining the resurgence of a terrifying urban legend about aspiring gang members firing at oncoming drivers who innocently flash their headlights.
Rapists Luring Victims with Crying Children - Urban Legends
That's why nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people like her. ... to me in 2005 by a reporter in Singapore who had already identified it as an urban legend .
Urban Legends: Dial 112 to Contact Police in Emergency?
The man was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes. I never knew about the 112 Cell Phone feature. I tried it on my AT&T phone & it said, "Dialing ...
The Kidney Thieves (New Orleans) - Urban Legends
'I wish to warn you about a new crime ring that is targeting business travelers. This ring is well organized, well funded, has very skilled personnel, and is ...
Criminals Exploit Key Ring Tracking Device? - Urban Legends
Jan 6, 2014 ... Online rumor warns that criminals are distributing free key rings, key fobs, or key chains equipped with tracking chips enabling said criminals to ...
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