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Urban Legends: Crime
Urban legends and Netlore about crime and criminals: ATM Envelope Poisonings; The 'Blue Star' LSD Tattoo; The Body in the Bed; The Nigerian Scam; Double ...
Eggs on Windshield or Fake Baby in Car Seat Urban Legends
Viral alert warns that criminals are using new techniques to trick drivers into stopping their vehicles: throwing raw eggs at windshields and leaving infant car ...
BURUNDANGA Drug Warning - Urban Legends
Viral rumors warn of criminals using business cards impregnated with a drug called burundanga (scopolamine) to incapacitate victims before attacking them.
National Gang Week Crime Alert - Urban Legends
Subject: Important Crime Alert-- Read this! From: Moffatt, Wayne Subject: Important Alert To: SAO Office. National Gang Week is starting soon. This is their new ...
Urban Legend: Gangs Kill Drivers Who Flash Their Lights
Decades-old urban legend says innocent people who flash their headlights at oncoming cars are being chased down ... Crime: Separating the Fact from Fiction
Paper-on-Rear-Window Carjacking Scheme - Urban Legends
Sources and further reading: Email Warning of New Carjacking Appears to Be Years Old Urban Legend Crime Blog, Dallas Morning News, 20 October 2011.
Are Rapists Luring Victims with Crying Child? - Urban Legends
Urban Legends Expert. Share this ... That's why nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people. Next time if the ... 'National Gang Week' Crime Alert • The Top 20 ...
Flash Your Headlights and Die! - An Urban Legend
Examining the resurgence of a terrifying urban legend about aspiring gang members firing at oncoming drivers who innocently flash their headlights.
Two Sniffs and You're Out! - Urban Legends
For example, the email erroneously reports the location of the crime as a shopping mall parking lot (the traditional setting of many an urban horror story).
Perfume Scam - Urban Legends - About.com
ONE OF THE more alarming urban legends making the email rounds since 1999 alleges that bands of thieves in the U.S. and elsewhere are using ether-spiked ...
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