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'Jenkem' Drug Warning - Urban Legends
Viral alert warns that a homemade intoxicant called Jenkem, consisting of the gases emitted by fermenting human feces, is now 'a popular drug in American ...
Burundanga Drug Warning - Urban Legends
Viral alerts warn of criminals using business cards or pieces of paper impregnated with a potent street drug called burundanga (scopolamine) to incapacitate ...
Strawberry Quick / Strawberry Meth Drug Warning - Urban Legends
Strawberry Quick / Strawberry Meth Drug Warning. By David Emery. Netlore Archive: Viral messages warn of a new, candy-flavored form of methamphetamine ...
Adverse Drug Events and Black Box Warnings - Drugs - About.com
A black box warning appears on the label of a prescription medication to alert you and your healthcare provider about any important safety concerns, such as ...
Black Box Drug Warnings - Pediatrics - About.com
May 11, 2013 ... Learn more about the FDA black box drug warnings that have come out on antidepressants, eczema medicines, asthma medicines, and which ...
Pediatric Drug Warnings - Pediatrics - About.com
Pediatric Drug Warnings. Review recent warnings on commonly used pediatric medicines, including elidel, protopic, phenergan, adderall, and many ...
Black Box Warning for MS Drugs - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - About.com
Jun 16, 2014 ... A "black box warning" on a medication contains information about serious risks and side effects of that drug. Of the drugs to treat multiple ...
Black Box Warning - Drugs - About.com
Aug 28, 2008 ... A black box warning appears on the label of a prescription medication to alert consumers and healthcare providers about safety concerns, such ...
Pediatric Drug Warnings - Pediatrics - About.com
Mar 12, 2005 ... Review how to keep your kids safe when taking medicine, and recent drug warnings on medicines like Elidel and Protopic, used to treat ...
Cymbalta Drug Warnings and Side Effects
Jun 10, 2014 ... Cymbalta is an antidepressant in the SNRI class - a serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Cymbalta - generic duloxetine hydrochloride ...
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