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Urban Legends: Dubious Quotes
Dubious Quotes. Amazing, isn't it, how often we find that famous people never really said some of the clever, funny, shocking, and horrid things attributed to them ...
Julius Caesar: 'Beware the Leader Who Bangs the Drums of War ...
The following quote has been widely distributed online and attributed to .... Dubious Quotes; Julius Caesar: 'Beware the Leader Who Bangs the Drums of War...'.
Are You Sure 'Mr. Gorsky' Was a Hoax? - Urban Legends
About.com · About News & Issues · Urban Legends · Classic Urban Legends · More Topics · Dubious Quotes; Urban Legends, Are You SURE 'Mr. Gorsky' Was a ...
Paul Harvey on Prayer - Urban Legends
You May Also Like. About.com · About News & Issues · Urban Legends · Classic Urban Legends · More Topics · Dubious Quotes; Paul Harvey on Prayer.
Michele Bachmann: 'English Was Good Enough for Jesus'
Feb 5, 2014 ... FAKE: Viral quote attributed to Rep. ... Like the other nine entries on the page, the quote was clearly fabricated (or ... More dubious quotes:
Al Gore vs. Christianity - Urban Legends
Circulating via email, alleged quote from a book by Al Gore derides Christians as 'a blight on the ... THE NOTORIOUS QUOTE OF THE DAY ... dubious quotes.
'Where Thieves and Pimps Run Free' - Hunter S. Thompson Misquote
There is a famous quote attributed to Hunter S. Thompson that goes something like this: "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic  ...
G.W. Bush's Favorite Bible Verse, John 16:3 - Urban Legends
gw bush rumors · dubious quotes · politics and politicians. Explore Urban Legends. Must Reads ... Ads. gw bush rumors. dubious quotes. politics and politicians.
Myth Busted: Marie Antoinette Said 'Let Them Eat Cake'
In the original French the alleged quote reads, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche," ... Classic Urban Legends · More Topics · Dubious Quotes; Let Them Eat Cake; er, ...
Janet Reno Defines 'Cultist' - Urban Legends
A variant of the same quote containing a direct reference to the 1993 Waco debacle was already ... The plain fact is that the quote is a hoax. .... dubious quotes.
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