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Dumb Criminal Attempts to Rob Crowded Gun Shop - Urban Legends
Mar 28, 2005 ... In this email tale that circulated in the 1990s and was subsequently revived as a 2005 'Darwin Award contender,' a less-than-clever criminal ...
Dumb Burglars Snort Dead Person's Ashes - Urban Legends
Jul 10, 2006 ... Dumb criminals supposedly confuse someone's cremated remains for cocaine, and snort them.
Urban Legends: Crime
Urban legends and Netlore about crime and criminals: ATM Envelope Poisonings; The 'Blue Star' LSD Tattoo; The Body in the Bed; The Nigerian Scam; Double ...
Top Ten Dumbest Criminals of 2011 - Crime and Punishment
There were a lot of stupid criminals that could have topped our list for 2011, but we narrowed it down to the dumbest top ten. Check out what they did to make the  ...
Stupid Criminals File - Crime and Punishment - About.com
Real-life stories of criminals doing really stupid crimes.
Dumb Florida Criminals - Florida Travel - About.com
Dumber than dirt criminals that have amazed and confounded Florida authorities. ... Florida, like many other states, has no shortage of dumb criminals.
Clumsy Crooks - Dumb Criminals - Funny Crime Pictures - Web Humor
Like the previously featured "Dumb Criminal Acts," here's more stupidity in the workplace, as these tales of bumbling baddies attest. A few examples we copped :.
Dumb Criminal Acts - Stupid Crimes Reports
True reports of Dumb Criminal Acts by schnook crooks.
Weird Mug Shots -- Police Photos of Weird Crime - Weird News
Mug Shots and Police Photos: When you commit a dumb crime, you usually look the part. About.com's Buck Wolf ... Horse and Buggy Crimes. Horse and Buggy ...
Dumb Crime Du Jour - Weird News - About.com
Want a rundown of the week's strangest, most outrageous crimes of the day? Keep up with the antics of the world's least competent crooks.
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