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Urban Legends: Contaminated Food & Drink
Urban legends and horror stories involving contaminated or adulterated food and beverages.
Urban Legends: Food and Drink
Urban legends and Netlore about food and drink: The McPus Sandwich; Kentucky Fried Rat; The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe; Cockroach Egg Tacos; " Secret ...
Food & Drink - Net hoaxes, urban legends & rumors
Netlore about things you eat and things you'd better not eat.
Email: Drinking Cold Water After a Meal Causes ... - Urban Legends
Nov 20, 2010 ... Forwarded email claims drinking cold water after a meal slows down ... break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food.
Do Energy Drinks Contain Bull Semen? - Urban Legends
Longstanding rumors claim the secret ingredient responsible for the boost you get from Red Bull and other energy drinks is bull semen.
Cockroach Eggs in Soft Drink Straws - Urban Legends
Mar 24, 2010 ... Forwarded email warns that dark-colored straws offered with soft drinks in fast food restaurants are likely to contain cockroach eggs or ...
Don't Drink Bottled Water Left in Car? - Urban Legends
Viral text warns against drinking bottled water left in a warm car because the heat ... He said that we should not be heating food in the microwave using plastic ...
Cockroach Egg Tacos - An Urban Legend
Calm down, it's only an urban legend! ... Urban Legends Categories .... Urban Legends · More Topics · Food and Drink; Cockroach Egg Tacos at Taco Bell ...
Coke Adds Death - Urban Legends
The fermented food produces gases,decays and becomes toxin, and gets ... So, if you manage to drink about 4 litres of Coke within an hour or so, you can die.
Aspartame (NutraSweet) Warning - Urban Legends
Jan 6, 1999 ... Also, with methanol toxicity, the victims usually drink three to four 12 oz. .... American Dietetic Association takes money from the food industry to ...
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