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Urban Legends: Contaminated Food & Drink
Urban legends and horror stories involving contaminated or adulterated food and beverages.
Urban Legends: Food and Drink
Urban legends and Netlore about food and drink: The McPus Sandwich; Kentucky Fried Rat; The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe; Cockroach Egg Tacos; " Secret ...
Food & Drink - Net hoaxes, urban legends & rumors
Netlore about things you eat and things you'd better not eat.
Do Energy Drinks Contain Bull Semen? - Urban Legends
Popular lore says there's an unsavory secret ingredient in your energy drink .... Liquid Cocaine: How Hype and Urban Legend Made Red Bull into a Commercial Cocktail Juggernaut Slate ... 3 Sneaky Ways to Find Added Sugar in Your Food.
Email: Drinking Cold Water After a Meal Causes ... - Urban Legends
Nov 20, 2010 ... Forwarded email claims drinking cold water after a meal slows down ... break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food.
Cockroach Eggs in Soft Drink Straws - Urban Legends
Mar 24, 2010 ... Forwarded email warns that dark-colored straws offered with soft drinks in fast food restaurants are likely to contain cockroach eggs or ...
Coke Adds Death - Urban Legends
The fermented food produces gases,decays and becomes toxin, and gets ... So, if you manage to drink about 4 litres of Coke within an hour or so, you can die.
Cockroach Egg Tacos - An Urban Legend
Calm down, it's only an urban legend! ... Urban Legends Categories .... Urban Legends · More Topics · Food and Drink; Cockroach Egg Tacos at Taco Bell.
Don't Drink Bottled Water Left in Car? - Urban Legends
Viral text warns against drinking bottled water left in a warm car because the heat ... He said that we should not be heating food in the microwave using plastic ...
Aspartame (NutraSweet) Warning - Urban Legends
Jan 6, 1999 ... Also, with methanol toxicity, the victims usually drink three to four 12 oz. .... outlawed this sweet food because of their loyalty to MONSANTO.
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