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Giant Wild Boar Shot in Conroe, Texas? - Urban Legends
Viral images of a gigantic, '1800-pound' wild boar allegedly shot in Conroe, Texas ... Health / Medical · Animals & Insects · Gross & Disgusting Urban Legends ...
World Record Grizzly Bear (Photos) - Urban Legends
Netlore Archive: Are emailed pictures of a giant, 1,600-pound, man-eating grizzly bear allegedly killed in Alaska by a ... hunting urban legends · giant animals.
Giant Razorback Hog (800 lbs., 8 Feet Long) - Urban Legends
Jul 29, 2004 ... hogs & pigs · giant animals · animal urban legends ... The largest on record, named Big Bill, resided in Tennessee during the early 1930s and ...
The 20 Best Giant Animal Horror Movies
Thanks in part to a steady dose of weekend Sci Fi Channel marathons, horror movies featuring giant animals -- snakes, sharks, rats, insects, mollusks -- have ...
Prehistoric Megafauna - The Giant Mammals of the Cenozoic Era
In a way, the word megafauna (Greek for "giant animals") is rather misleading-- after all, the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era were nothing if not megafauna, but ...
10 Dinosaur-Sized Prehistoric Animals - About.com
Dinosaurs were not alone in growing to huge sizes.Here's a list of creatures unusually big for their species: cows rats, parrots, beavers...even amoebas!
10 Giant Mammals that Succeeded the Dinosaurs
During the Mesozoic Era, mammals were tiny, quivering creatures that lived high ... the dinosaurs went extinct, these same mammals were free to evolve to giant ...
Why Were Dinosaurs So Big? - Facts & Theories - About.com
Species by species, individual by individual, dinosaurs were bigger than any other land-dwelling animals that ever lived. Here are some theories that just might ...
100 Recently Extinct Animals - Dinosaurs - About.com
A list of 100 animals that have gone extinct in historical times, including mammals , ... times, ranging from the Big-Eared Hopping Mouse to the Giant Vampire Bat.
Giant Mammal and Megafauna Pictures - Dinosaurs - About.com
Pictures, illustrations and photographs of the giant mammals and megafauna of ... These Animals Came in Much Bigger Packages 10 Million Years Ago · Giant ...
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