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Historical Fallacies, Urban Legends, Hoaxes
Historical fallacies, urban legends, and hoaxes - taller-than-life beliefs of (and about) the past.
The Story of 'Taps' - Urban Legends
History and folklore clash in this forwarded email tale about the origin of the touching and famous bugle call known ... historical fallacies · military urban legends ...
Myths and Misconceptions About U.S. Presidents - Urban Legends
Presidential folklore, in the form of jokes, legends and historical errata, reflects that. ... Historical Fallacies, Urban Legends & Hoaxes; Debunking the Presidents  ...
The Story of 'Taps' [p. 2] - Urban Legends - About.com
... More About. historical fallacies · military urban legends ... History and folklore sometimes stand side-by-side as brothers in arms, when one peers into the past.
Fallacy of Anachronism - Women's History - About.com
Definition: Judging one time period by the standards, mores, truths, or customs of another time, or analyzing a time period as if later customs, information, ...
Logical Fallacy: Definition and Examples of Informal Fallacies
History. Sciences. School & Student Resources. More. About.com · About ... Clinical psychologist Rian McMullin expands this definition: "Logical fallacies are  ...
Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky [p. 2] - Urban Legends - About.com
The Origin & History of Halloween · Friday the 13th Origin Theories · Fear of the ... More Topics · Historical Fallacies, Urban Legends & Hoaxes; Why Friday the ...
Churchill, Farmer Fleming, and the History of ... - Urban Legends
See More About. winston churchill · historical fallacies · medical urban legends. Churchill, Farmer Fleming, and the History of Penicillin. By David Emery ...
Top 12 Logical Fallacies - Examples and Discussions
History. Sciences. School & Student Resources. More. About.com · About ... Brief Definitions of Informal Fallacies With Links to Examples and Discussions.
Bible Contradictions & Inconsistencies - Agnosticism / Atheism
Scientific, Historical Errors & Mistakes in the Bible The Bible is filled with errors and mistakes. Other ancient texts also have errors and mistakes, but this isn't a ...
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