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HIV Needle-Stick Rumors Still Thriving Online - Urban Legends
'You have been infected with HIV' - Rumors of recent needle-stick incidents in Dallas and Denver, plus copycat pranks in Virginia.
An Urban Legend Come to Life? - Needle-Stick Incidents in ...
The Internet warnings were based on word-of-mouth rumors circulating since the late 1990s. They described random needle-stick attacks allegedly perpetrated ...
HOAX: Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles - Urban Legends
It did add an interesting new wrinkle to the HIV needle-stick rumors already circulating online in various forms since 1997. Previous variants warned of tainted ...
Vending Machines of Death! - HIV Needle-Stick Rumors in Canada
Jan 3, 2001 ... In order for someone to read the note or get pricked by the needle, they ... "If they ever sticks their needles in your arm you is just a plain goner," ...
Vending Machines of Death! [p. 2] - Urban Legends - About.com
There are these gangs running around Britain sticking HIV-infected needles into ... Once the tag line had become attached to the pinprick rumors of the late '90s, ...
Dirty Needles in Pay Phone Coin Slots - Urban Legends
Nov 4, 1998 ... They are getting stuck by these needles and infected with hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases. .... Needle-stick rumors as circulating in May 1998.
More AIDS / HIV Sneak Attacks - Urban Legends
Dec 7, 1998 ... False tales of 'sneak attacks' with HIV-contaminated needles continue to ... aids / hiv urban legends · needle-stick rumors · safety warnings ...
Sightings, Notes & Updates - Urban Legends and Folklore
May 22, 1999 ... Mississippi Official Helps Perpetuate AIDS Needle-Stick Rumors ... HIV needle- stick incidents in movie theaters and public phone booths.
An Urban Legend Come to Life? - Urban Legends - About.com
In apparent 'copycat' incidents mimicking a well-known rumor, two people in Pulaski, Virginia were reportedly injured by hypodermic needles when they put their fingers into the coin return slots ... aids / hiv urban legends · needle-stick r...
Health & Medical Rumors on the Internet - Urban Legends - About.com
... Health/Medical. Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends .... More needle-stick incidents, this time centered in Jacksonville, Florida. HIV Needles in  ...
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