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Political Satire - Daily News Satire and Parody - Political Humor
Satirical news headlines and political news parodies from the Web's funniest satire sites - updated daily.
Political Satire and Political Parodies - Political Humor - About.com
Political satire, political parodies, and news spoofs from the Web's best political satire sources.
Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons
The go-to source for political humor and political cartoons, updated daily with jokes, cartoons, satire, videos, and funny news.
Election Humor - Election Jokes Cartoons and Political Satire
Jokes, cartoons, funny videos, and other humor about U.S. elections, including upcoming and past elections.
Satirical News Parody Sites & Political News Parodies
The Web's funniest satirical news sources and political parody sites.
Congress Parodies and Political Satire - Political Humor - About.com
Satirical news and parodies poking fun at Congress and our elected representatives.
Political Humor Today - Funny Current Events and Political News
Your one-stop shop for the latest political humor, including political jokes, cartoons, videos, satire, funny news nuggets, and other current events jokes of the day.
Tina Fey - Political Satire on Saturday Night Live - Women's Issues
Tina Fey brought political satire on Saturday Night Live to new levels in 2008 with her spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin and her pro-Hillary Clinton sketches.
John Kerry Political Satire and Parodies - Political Humor - About.com
Satirical news and parodies poking fun at Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.
Top Ten Political Comedians in America - About.com
Combined with his lead-in, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show (where Colbert got his start), Colbert is part of the best hour of political satire on TV. More .
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