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Political Satire - Daily News Satire and Parody - Political Humor
Satirical news headlines and political news parodies from the Web's funniest satire sites - updated daily.
Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons
The go-to source for political humor and political cartoons, updated daily with jokes, cartoons, satire, videos, and funny news.
Satirical News Parody Sites & Political News Parodies
The Web's funniest satirical news sources and political parody sites.
Election Humor - Election Jokes Cartoons and Political Satire
Jokes, cartoons, funny videos, and other humor about U.S. elections, including upcoming and past elections.
Political Satire and Political Parodies - Political Humor - About.com
Political satire, political parodies, and news spoofs from the Web's best political satire sources.
Political Humor Today - Funny Current Events and Political News
Your one-stop shop for the latest political humor, including political jokes, cartoons, videos, satire, funny news nuggets, and other current events jokes of the day.
Middle East Conflict Political Satire and Parodies - Political Humor
Satirical news and parodies about Middle East peace efforts and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Political Satire and Parody - Political Humor
Satirical news and parodies mocking California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Saddam Hussein Parodies - Iraq War Political Satire - Political Humor
Parodies and satire taking aim at Saddam Hussein and the Iraq war.
French Jokes - Political Satire and Parodies - Political Humor
Satirical news and parodies poking fun at France and French opposition to war with Iraq.
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