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Urban Legend: Tommy Hilfiger Is a Racist
Urban Legend: Tommy Hilfiger Is a Racist. Did the famous fashion designer really make racist statements on Oprah? By David Emery. Urban Legends Expert.
The Race Card - Urban Legends
Apr 14, 1999 ... Does Microsoft Word's thesaurus contain hidden racist sentiments? Are the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens encoded with racial data?
The Bigoted Airline Passenger - Urban Legends
Widely circulated tale of an airline passenger who demands a different seat assignment after learning he or she will be sitting next to a person of another race or ...
'Clothes' by Maya Angelou - Urban Legends
Poem attributed to Maya Angelou criticizes African Americans for buying clothing manufactured by allegedly racist companies.
The Elevator Story - Urban Legends
... and (sometimes) a dog add up to one very popular - but false - urban legend. ... a Dallas beauty parlor, a Woman told a cautionary tale about racial prejudice.
Origin of the Word 'Picnic' - Urban Legends
Apr 19, 1999 ... Often, they were motivated by alleged acts of violence by Blacks against Whites, alleged disrespect and other breaches of Southern racial ...
Did Justin Bieber Legally Change His Race to ... - Urban Legends
Mar 6, 2014 ... Satirical article claims Justin Bieber legally changed his race to 'African American .'
Michael Richards' Self Defense - Urban Legends
Mar 4, 2008 ... Circulating via email, a racist rant purportedly delivered by actor/comedian Michael Richards as his 'defense speech in court' after shouting ...
Oprah: Tommy Hilfiger Rumor a 'Big Fat Lie' - Urban Legends
May 3, 2007 ... Supposedly, Hilfiger had once been kicked off the show by Winfrey herself after admitting he wished that people from non-white ethnic groups ...
Black Voting Rights to Expire? - Urban Legends
Dec 2, 1998 ... The basic right of all American citizens to vote, regardless of race, is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and can't expire with the Voting Rights Act.
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