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Urban Legends and Folklore: Religion
Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to religion, religious beliefs, figures and doctrines.
Einstein Proves God Exists - Urban Legends
Given the anecdotal nature of the tale and Einstein's stated opinions about religion, we have no good reason to believe it's authentic. Description: Urban legend
Madalyn Murray O'Hair vs. Religious Broadcasting - An Urban Legend
The famous atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, though dead for many years, is still the subject of false rumors concerning the future of religious broadcasting in ...
ACLU Calls for Removal of Crosses in Federal ... - Urban Legends
Does the ACLU's battle against displaying religious symbols on federal property extend to calling for the removal of crosses from military gravesites?
Is Barack Obama a Muslim? - Urban Legends
Online rumor alleges that Barack Obama is a Muslim and lied to the American people when he claimed to be a devout Christian.
Star Wars Religion Doesn't Make Census - Urban Legends - About ...
Will filling in 'Jedi' as your religion on census forms force the government to recognize it as a legitimate faith?
Muslim Belief: 'Allah or Jesus?' by Rick Mathes - Urban Legends
Forwarded email describes an encounter between a Christian minister and a Muslim imam in which the latter admits that his religion requires violent jihad ( holy ...
ACLU Sues to Prohibit Military Prayer? - Urban Legends
The ACLU has long argued that veterans and their families should be free to choose religious symbols on military headstones — whether Crosses, Stars of ...
ACLU Objects to Marines Praying (Photo) - Urban Legends
For them to pray is clearly an establishment of religion, and we must nip this in the bud ... In regards to the latest urban legend that includes a picture of Marines  ...
How To Separate Rumor and Urban Legend from Facts
There are a lot of strange stories out there about religion (among other topics). Some are ... Rumor and urban legends have always been in existence, but mass  ...
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