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Urban Legends and Folklore: Religion - About.com
Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to religion, religious beliefs, figures and doctrines.
Is Barack Obama a Muslim? - Urban Legends
Netlore Archive: Online rumor alleges that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim and has lied to the American people about his religious affiliation, including his ...
ACLU Calls for Removal of Crosses in Federal ... - Urban Legends
Does the ACLU's battle against displaying religious symbols on federal property extend to calling for the removal of crosses from military gravesites?
Einstein Proves God Exists - Urban Legends
Einstein's proof of God? In this viral anecdote of unknown origin, a university student named Albert Einstein humiliates his atheist professor by proving that God ...
NASA and the Missing Day in Time - Urban Legends
... Bumper Stickers. See More About. religious urban legends · nasa urban legends · pseudoscience ... Description: Urban legend. Circulating since: 1960s
CVS Won't Let Employee Wear Religious Ties? - Urban Legends
Sep 4, 2013 ... Viral Facebook posting claims a CVS pharmacy in Orange, VA asked an employee to stop wearing ties bearing religious symbols after ...
Facebook Bans Nativity Picture? - Urban Legends
There's nothing in Facebook's terms of service forbidding the posting of religious images. Indeed, one can find religious-themed images — Christian and ...
Urban Legends: Politics / Law / Government
Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to government, politics and politicians.
Are Muslims Exempt from Obamacare Mandate? - Urban Legends
There is no provision specifically exempting Muslims or any other religious group from mandated health insurance in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care ...
ACLU Objects to Marines Praying (Photo) - Urban Legends
aclu urban legends · religious urban legends · military urban legends ... In regards to the latest urban legend that includes a picture of Marines praying and a ...
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