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Using Slideshows in the iPhone Photos App
Photo slideshows used to mean clunky carousels of slides and a projector (and, often, sitting through long, boring recitations of someone else's vacation).
Make Photo Slideshows in Picasa - Graphics Software - About.com
Slideshows are an attractive way to share and organize groups of photos with your friends and family. Watch how to create a slideshow in Picasa, a free program ...
Multiple Slideshows with Captions - JavaScript - About.com
Add one or more image slideshows complete with captions under each image with this unobtrusive JavaScript.
Drupal Video Tutorials - Free Talks and Slideshows
If you learn well from talks and slideshows, and you want to learn Drupal, you're in for a treat. The Drupal community fosters a culture of sharing, and that ...
Javascript or Flash Slideshows - About.com
Is it better to use Javascript or Flash to create slideshows for your web site? Well since this is the Javascript site and not the Flash site you can probably guess ...
Golf Photo Galleries and Slideshows - About.com
Here you can find photo galleries of famous golf courses and famous golfers, as well as slideshows that can help you learn more about golf.
Equipment for PowerPoint Slideshows - Presentation Software ...
Presentation equipment includes digital projectors, light pens, Smartboards and more. Creating the presentation is only the first step. Now you need equipment ...
Top 40 Graduation Songs of All Time - Top 40 Pop - About.com
Entertainment Slideshows. 'I Am Legend' - UK Premiere - Claire Greenway / Staff/ Getty Images · The 100 Most Popular Suspense Movies of All Time.
View Two PowerPoint Presentations at the Same Time
Tech Slideshows. Man on laptop by the pool - John Lamb/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Vacation Coming? Set Up Outlook's Auto-Reply · Email · -. Stop Pop ...
What is a Slide Show - Presentation Software - About.com
Tech Slideshows. Man on laptop by the pool - John Lamb/The Image Bank/Getty Images · Vacation Coming? Set Up Outlook's Auto-Reply · Email · - · Stop Pop ...
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