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Tsunami Washes Up Deep Sea Creatures - Urban legends
Jan 12, 2005 ... Series of emailed images purports to show rare deep-sea creatures washed up on beaches by the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.
Amazing Tsunami Picture - Urban Legends
Apr 12, 2012 ... Emailed image purports to show the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004 washing ashore on the Thai island of Phuket (or Indonesia, ...
1/2 Second Before Tsunami Hit Sumatra - Urban Legends
Apr 12, 2012 ... Subject: 1/2 SECOND BEFORE TSUNAMI This picture was found in a camera during cleanup. This is a fantastic photo!! Amazing that the film ...
Tsunami Pictures - Tsunami 'Live Photos' - Urban Legends
Emailed images purportedly show people running for their lives as the Indian Ocean tsunami washed ashore on December 26, 2004.
Pics of Mermaid Found After Tsunami - Urban Legends
Netlore Archive: Viral images allegedly show the carcass of a dead mermaid found washed up on a beach near Chennai, India during the devastating tsunami of ...
Amazing Tsunami Picture - Urban Legends Photo Archive
Emailed image purports to show the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004 washing ashore on the Thai island of Phuket (or, in another version, Indonesia)
Facebook Rumors & Hoaxes - Urban Legends - About.com
Facebook Hoax List: A comprehensive listing of rumors and hoaxes on and/or about Facebook.
Pics of Mermaid Body Found After Tsunami [p. 3] - Urban Legends
Pictures: Mermaid Body Found After Tsunami. By David Emery · Urban Legends Expert. Share this ... Urban Legends Essentials. Hands of God - · The Top 25 ...
Girl Orphaned by Tsunami in Phuket Hospital (Photo) - Urban Legends
Jan 12, 2005 ... Circulating via email, image of a young girl in Phuket Hospital, a victim of the Indian Ocean tsunami whose parents are still missing.
Phuket Deep Sea Creatures [Analysis] - Urban Legends - About.com
Jan 20, 2005 ... Series of emailed images, cont.: deep sea creatures phuket deep sea creatures deep sea fish indian ocean tsunami sea photographs.
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