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Urban Legends: Politics / Law / Government
Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to government, politics and politicians.
Proposed 28th Amendment - Urban Legends
Urban Legends Expert ... that they didn't pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as ...
What Happened to Obama's Law License? - Urban Legends
Forwarded text falsely alleges that Barack and Michelle Obama surrendered their Illinois law licenses to avoid prosecution on criminal charges.
HOAX: Legal Drinking Age Raised to 25 - Urban Legends
Jul 12, 2014 ... Social media prank claims the U.S. legal drinking age will change to 25 in August 2014. Not true.
New & Updated - Urban Legends, Rumors, Internet Hoaxes
Urban legends, email rumors & Internet hoaxes. By David .... Viral post claims the legal drinking age in the U.S. will change to 25 as of August 2, 2014. (Added ...
Australia PM Tells Muslim Immigrants 'Adapt or ... - Urban Legends
Statements falsely attributed to Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard advise Muslim immigrants to learn English and adapt to Australian culture or leave the ...
HR 4646 - Obama's 1% Transaction Tax? - Urban Legends
Viral message warns against HR 4646, claiming Obama plans to impose a 1% transaction tax on all bank transactions, including personal deposits.
Facebook 'Privacy Notice' Is Useless - Urban Legends
Netlore Archive: Viral text containing legal gobbledygook purports to protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of Facebook members who copy and ...
Is Barack Obama a Natural-Born Citizen? - Urban Legends
Jun 8, 2008 ... Online rumor claims Barack Obama is ineligible for the presidency because by virtue of certain laws in effect at the time of his birth he is not a ...
Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 ... - Urban Legends
Jun 19, 2013 ... There's no record of the U.S. Congress passing laws authorizing the use of guillotines in this country, ... The Scariest Urban Legends Ever Told!
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