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Urban Legends: Politics / Law / Government
Urban legends, rumors and Internet hoaxes pertaining to government, politics and politicians.
HOAX: Legal Drinking Age Raised to 25 - Urban Legends
Jul 12, 2014 ... Social media prank claims the U.S. legal drinking age will change to 25 in August 2014. Not true.
Up in Smoke! (The Cigar Arsonist) - Urban Legends
FW: Subject: Our wonderful legal system. A Charlotte, North Carolina man, having purchased a case of rare, very expensive cigars, insured them against ( get ...
Facebook 'Privacy Notice' Is Useless - Urban Legends
Netlore Archive: Viral text containing legal gobbledygook purports to protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of Facebook members who copy and ...
The Stella Awards - Urban Legends
email hoaxes · legal urban legends ... than a bit familiar, that's because it's a well known urban legend dating back to the 1970s called "The Microwaved Pet.
New & Updated - Urban Legends, Rumors, Internet Hoaxes
Urban legends, email rumors & Internet hoaxes. By David .... Viral post claims the legal drinking age in the U.S. will change to 25 as of August 2, 2014. (Added ...
Is Barack Obama a Natural-Born Citizen? - Urban Legends
Jun 8, 2008 ... In the United States there are two established legal principles upon which individuals are said to acquire citizenship at birth: jus sanguinus ...
Petition: No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants - Urban Legends
... would have prohibited formerly undocumented workers from accruing benefits based on Social Security contributions they made before attaining legal status.
How to Avoid Speeding Ticket Penalties - Urban Legends
See More About. automobile urban legends · driving urban legends · legal urban legends .... From the Urban Legends Reference Pages. Missing the Points
Urban Legends: Is Spokeo.com Invading Your Privacy?
Apr 7, 2010 ... This is scary. I didn't get it as an email but saw it as a post on Facebook (where I have a fake name) and I went to the website. Not only did they ...
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