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Welcome to U.S. Politics on About.com
Read about current and past U.S. political campaigns. Learn about the political process. Find out the latest information on issues and legislation before ...
Political Issues - US Politics on About.com
Explore current news and analysis about federal and state election-related issues such as abortion, the economy, education, health care, the Iraq war, social  ...
Politics 101 - A Field Guide To US Politics
How do political actors, institutions and processes work in the United States? What is the role of political parties? Online politics? How can you make a difference ...
Overview of United States Government and Politics - American History
Here is an overview of the United States Government that explains the organization of the three branches and their interaction. It leads to further information for ...
Abortion Issue Summary in U.S. Politics
This issue summary provides background about abortion in America, presents various points of view on the political aspects of abortion, and provides links to ...
The Issues - US Politics on About.com
Learn the backstory and current status of legislation before Congress as well as candidate viewpoints on hot political issues.
Modern Third Parties in U.S. Politics - US Government Info - About.com
While the following is far from all of the recognized third parties in American politics, the Libertarian, Reform, Green and Constitution Parties are usually the most ...
Health Care System in the U.S. - Issue Overview - US Politics on ...
The U.S. spends more money on health care than any other nation. By 2017 ... One political question: how to provide affordable health care to Americans with no ...
Conservative Politics and Perspectives
Washington DC: facade of US Capitol building. - Alina Vincent ... Our Conservative Politics Expert ... What You Didn't Know about US Gun Death Statistics.
Liberal & Progressive Politics, Perspectives
All the latest liberal politics and progressive issues and views, and in-depth ... Sen Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012 .
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