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Urban Legends: Hoax Photos & Viral Images
Photo Hoaxes: Okay, a few of the credulity-stretching images and videos featured in this category aren't fakes - some are authentic - but most, you'll find, are ...
Gross Pictures - Urban Legends - About.com
WARNING: Some viewers may find these images unnerving or offensive. A gallery of viral images notable for their 'ick' factor. Some are authentic, others not.
Niagara Falls Frozen Over in 1911 (Photos) - Urban Legends
Viral images purportedly taken in 1911 offer postcard views of Niagara Falls completely frozen over.
Funny 2012 Election Pictures - Best Political Memes and Viral Images
A roundup of the best viral images and memes poking fun at Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, empty chairs, Big Bird, binders, bayonets, and more.
Funny Political Memes and Viral Images Updated Frequently
A roundup of the funny Internet memes and viral images poking fun at politics and political figures on both sides of the aisle.
SLIDESHOW: Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos - Urban Legends
Check out the wildest, wackiest fake storm photos that went viral during the onslaught of ... Hoax Photos & Viral Images · Photo Fakery: Natural Wonders ...
Hoax Quiz - Can YOU Spot the Fakes? - Urban Legends - About.com
There are 50 images. ... What's New · Classic Urban Legends · Scary Urban Legends · The Fake News Desk · Hoax Photos & Viral Images · Facebook Rumors & ...
20 Funniest Images of the Star Wars/Disney Merger - Web Humor
Twenty of the best viral images resulting from the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.
Giant Coconut Crab (Photos) - Urban Legends
Viral images of giant specimens of Birgus latro -- the coconut crab -- named for its preferred diet of fallen coconuts and said to be the world's largest ...
Photo Fakery: Supernatural Wonders - Urban Legends - About.com
Weird, wacky images circulated on the Internet depicting strange ... Unsettling viral image of a creature that appears to be a human-dog hybrid suckling her ...
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